AmyBeth Parravano is an Hon. Kentucky Colonel and celebrity artist hails from New England. Known as ElvisLilSister she has performed in several events including Las Vegas Westwood Ho, Mardi Gras Casinos. Also appeared performed 40th anniversary of RockNRoll with Jerry Lee Lewis Memphis ETA week. In Jackson,TN during ETA week she performed at the Garden Plaza Hotel for Sam-Sun Awards and the Carl Perkins Civic Center Rockabilly Festival 2003 along with Sonny Burgess&The Pacers. Her accomplishments inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Who's Who of Women in USA and London..several songwriting&publisher awards band the Best of Texas Award for her ETA tribute AmyBeth Parravano also appeared as extra in movies The Last Shot, Underdog and 27 Dresses... When we say Amy Beth has "been there and done that" it is certainly no exaggeration. The native of Rhode Island is an award winning singer, songwriter, guitarist, entertainer and world traveler. She sings blues, rock and roll, country and rockabilly and has the unique ability to blend all the above. She has worked with Kris Kristofferson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Rodriquez and Joey Welz ( Bill Haley's Comets) She has performed all across the United States and internationally, has recorded ten albums and produces and hosts her own television show "Amy Beth Presents." Amy Beth knew from an early age that she was born to sing. Her early influences were blues and later in her childhood she developed a love of country and rock and roll, especially Elvis Presley. The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly and Bill Haley and the Comets were her early influences , but also AmyBeth enjoyed the female groups like The Chiffons, The Seekers and The Crystals. The music of the 50's definitely motivated her and in the 80's she started her own record label, Peridot Records, and began releasing her original material. She had a national chart record with a song she wrote titled,” North Hampton Line," that resulted in Amy Beth being signed by Caprice Records. On Caprice, Amy Beth started receiving national and international attention and by 1995 she had a string of chart records on the US and overseas. In September, 1995 she wad honored in Nashville by Airplay International with the "Trailblazer Award" for her meaningful contribution to the music industry. The following month she performed for music executives at the Philadelphia Music Conference where she received a rousing reception. She has since performed for the music conferences all across the US including the Holiday Expo in Edison NJ; Crossroads Music Festival in Memphis TN; Fan Fair in Nashville, TN; Elvis Presley Tribute Week in Memphis, TN; the MIDEM Conference in Cannes, France and the 40th Anniversary of Rock and Roll in Memphis TN. Her live performances include everything from night clubs to fairs and festivals all over the United States. Amy Beth's love of and spiritual connection to Elvis Presley has many people calling her the "Female Elvis Presley." One recent newspaper review of her show stated "Amy Beth is the female persona of Elvis." The minute she comes on stage and the music starts her whole being changes. She becomes Elvis. A spiritual connection is made and Elvis comes to life." Another reviewer remarked, "Elvis lives in a woman's body. She's the reborn again Elvis" and yet another said," Amy Beth keeps the Legend alive." Currently Amy Beth is focused on her Television show, songwriting and performing at several functions this month near her hometown of Cranston, RI Her recent travels have limited her live appearances but she says she is ready to get back to the stage. For now she's looking for new things to do in her career, but that would seem difficult for someone who had already done it all.


CountryHomeMagazine interview AmyBeth Parravano full story: http://www.countryhome.de/interviews/interview_eng_2005/amybeth_parravano.htm

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