Video of Amybeth performing "Teddy Bear"on the video music page NEWS!! AmyBethPresents! TV show on COX cable TV begins airing on January 10, 2013 every Tuesday afternoon on channel 18 at 3:30-4:00pm in Rhode Island. AmyBeth hosts & produces the show. She also performs on it and has various guests in a music mag setting. Shows are usually filmed at various locations. AmyBethPresents! is one of the first local access show to capture reality show atmosphere! Be sure to watch! NEWS!!AmyBethPresents TV show also airing on Tuesdays Interrconnect A Channel 13 on COX at 12:00 pm-:  verizon 32 Prime time  8pm  Thursdays COX 18  verizon24  She'sQUEENofKINGS


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This site is a member of WebRing.
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